Though it sounds clichéd, the idea for this book actually came to me in a dream I had one spring day of 2007. A tale of two sorcerers, one of whom is condemned for falling in love with a mortal woman and bringing her back to life after she is killed by his greatest enemy. Many years later, their son is captured by the same enemy and grows up in a training institution originally set up for the greater good. The elder sorcerers eventually conquer the villain and are reunited with their son.

Since then, I worked intermittently to bring this dream to the printed page. Along the way, characters were killed off, news ones were created and two whole new sections were written. I feel relieved to have finally finished this tremendous project, but at the same time, sad to say goodbye to all the characters who have been such a part of my life over the past few years. I hope you will enjoy the journey they take you on over the next few hundred pages.

At this point, I would just like to give some small thanks to my proof-readers, Margherita Stevens, Valerie Cardoni, Rita and Lawrence Hallett, and to Jake Leonard, who helped me in my quest to find a publisher.


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